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Rick Mosher - Minister

Rick Mosher has been minister of the Licking Christian Church since September of 1986.  He was born in Rolla, Missouri, in 1952 and grew up in St. James, Missouri.  Coming from a strong Christian home, he was regularly involved in the St. James Christian Church and was baptized into Christ in 1964.  While in high school camp at Gasconade Christian Service Camp he dedicated his life to the ministry.  Following high school graduation he attended St. Louis Christian College, Florissant, Missouri, were he graduated with his B.A. in ministry in 1974.  Prior to coming to Licking, he preached for twelve years for the Pleasant Hill Christian Church, Potosi, Missouri.  During his time with Licking Christian Church the congregation has built its first permanent building, at its current location, grown significantly, and started an number of outreach and service initiatives.

 Rick, or “Mosh” as he is frequently referred to, has served (without exaggeration) hundreds of weeks in Christian service camps since 1971, first at Gasconade, and since 1987, at Rock Garden.  He considers camp one of the most important and effective areas of his ministry and encourages all the congregation’s young people to attend.  During his career he has served a number of years as Senior High dean at Rock Garden and currently heads the camp’s annual Christian Basketball Camp.

Rick is always willing to be involved in whatever will advance the kingdom of Christ and  help connect the congregation with the local community.  He serves as a trustee of St. Louis Christian College. He serves on the boards of the area Men’s Fellowship and Rock Garden Christian Service Camp.  He serves on the Alumni Steering Committee of St. Louis Christian College and has held the positions of Secretary, Vice-president, and President.  He was President of the 2009 Missouri Christian Convention.  He served for twelve years at President of the Licking Wildcat Booster Club.  He assists the Licking R-8 School District as a substitute teacher and is the 8th Grade girls basketball coach.  He also announces for the home games of the high school girls basketball team.

In his spare time, Rick is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan.  He follows Licking school sports teams.  He enjoys talk radio and all types of Christian music, and various sports.

 Rick has a passion for souls. He loves the Lord and people.  He has a strong commitment to the New Testament plan of salvation (faith in Christ, repentance from sin, confession of faith in Christ, baptism by immersion into Christ for the forgiveness of sins and to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, a life of faithfulness).  He invites you to come hear the Word of God and share in the fellowship at Licking Christian Church.

Contact Rick:
Office: (573) 674-2055
Home (573) 674-3917
Cell (417) 260-0596
Mail:  Rick Mosher; Licking Christian Church; PO Box 98; Licking, MO 65542


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