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LCNights, LCNights, Licking Christian Churchís Sunday evening outreach, welcomes everyone. However we developed it with people in mind who are tired from having to work earlier in the day. We have a heart for such folks who often have a hunger for a closer walk with God but just canít bring themselves to get out and attend a ďcloneĒ of a morning service. Hence weíve developed, and continue to develop, ďLCNightsĒ.

At LCNights youíre going to participate in a stirring praise time. Music will be mainly contemporary, led by our youth praise team. This makes LCNights attractive to our high school students, who usually make up a large portion of the audience.

You are going to hear true-to-the-Bible messages from Godís Word. Sometimes this will take the form of a traditional sermon. Other times it will be a shorter message with time for feedback: questions, answers, discussion about application. There may occasionally be a Christian movie or video presentation.

One of the big differences between LCNights and traditional Sunday evening programs is that we strive to keep it casual. We want you to be comfortable so you can concentrate on God and be blessed. If you just got off work you can feel okay about coming as you are. If youíve been home a while and already changed into you casual clothes, you donít need to dress up again. As long as you are relatively clean and modest, we invite you to come as you are!

As in all our Sunday worship times, the Lordís Supper will be available for those who are already in Christ. This simple act of remembering the death on the cross of our Lord Jesus will speak to the hearts of all present.


If you work Sunday mornings, just donít like to get out and go mornings, or want a little different worship experience we urge you to come participate in LCNightsItís at 7 p.m. every Sunday at Licking Christian Church.

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